Archaeological Tour - 1

Day 1: Beirut Walking Tour (full day)

Depart from the hotel and walk through the seaside Corniche to the Raouche area that features Beirut’s landmark Pigeon rocks. Photo stop at Raouche then the tour proceeds to Beirut Central District. Arrival to the city centre, visit on foot the newly discovered Archeological sites of the city, retracing all the history of humanity from the Prehistoric time till today. Visit the national museum of Beirut. Continue to Gemayzeh street for lunch. Return back to the hotel.
Duration: 9 hours


Day 2: Baalbeck and Ksara

From Beirut, climb Eastward passing Dahr El Baidar and Chtaura. A magnificent view of the fertile Bekaa valley stretches ahead, then to the North-East until we reach the city of Baalbeck. Visit the largest and the greatest, ever built, well preserved Roman temples of Bacchus & Jupiter. See, also, one of the biggest stones ever quarried for building purposes. Drive back to Zahle for visiting Ksara Winery and its underground caves dating back to the Roman period besides to taste and discover one of the best undiscovered wines. Proceed to Chtaura for lunch. Lunch will be served in one of the most well-known hotels in Chtaura “Massabki Hotel”, discover the real taste of the famous traditional Lebanese Mezza with soft drinks. Return to the hotel.
Duration of excursion: 8 hrs 15 min


Day 3: Tyre, Sidon & Echmoun

From Beirut, drive via the South coastal road to Tyre. Visit one of the largest Roman sites in the region (announced a world heritage site by UNESCO), the “imperial city” on the semi-island, then short drive to the main land for visiting the Roman hippodrome, the Roman-Byzantine necropolis and a triumphal arch. From Tyre return through the same coastal road back to Sidon for visiting the sea castle dating back to the Crusaders period and walk through the old Mamluk souk; visit the soap museum then the caravanserai “Khan El Franj”. On the way back to Beirut visit the Phoenician temple dedicated to the healing god “Echmoun” which was built by the King of Sidon Echmounazar II. Return to Beirut.
Duration: 8 hrs 30 min

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