The 5 Top Destinations This Winter

Fresh snowfalls, festive markets and hot drinks. These are the highlights of winter wonderland themed holidays.

Let the magic of the season take you to a place near or far, and here are some recommendations for a an unforgettable winter holiday!

Places to Travel December

1- Quebec City, Canada

Come wintertime, Quebec gain an irrefutable charm. Marvel at horse-drawn carriages rumbling down the Old Town, Enjoy ice skating at the Place D’Youville and enjoy a fresh snowfall every now and then while taking a stroll along the banks of the St. Lawrence River.

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Places to Travel December

2- Prague, Czech Republic

Prague during winter time is a must see destination. Historic streets, Baroque and Gothic architecture, and not to miss holiday markets make Prague one of the best Christmas destinations this season and every season!

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Places to Travel December

3- Kerala, India

Kerala is a far cry from India’s chaotic urban cities. Here, wellness retreats are nestled in the jungle and life moves at a beautifully slower pace especially during the cooler month of December. A luxurious and slow motioned trip awaits if you choose Kerala as your 2017/2018 Winter Destination.

Places to Travel Decemeber

4- Frankfurt, Germany

An international crowd fills this newly popular city during winter time, drawn to its buzzing atmosphere, amazing restaurants and beautiful bars tucked away between its alleys.  December brings a new flavor to the city, when Christmas markets and ice skating rinks open to the public, and the city’s famous apple wine is served.

12 days from Frankfurt to Frankfurt 

Places to Travel December

5 – Edinburgh, Scotland

Home to narrow medieval alleys, Georgian architecture, and the historic Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh makes for a perfect winter destination .  Hogmanay, an end-of-the-year celebration marked by three days of concerts, fireworks, and various events floods the city with travelers from all over the globe.