12 Night Tour of Venezuela

Day 1: CaracasArrival in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to Eurobuilding Suites & Hotel Caracas 4*. Accommodation in the hotel. Have a rest after the long flight.

Day 2: Los Roques- Island Archipelago
Early transfer to the airport. Flight to Los Roques. Arrival in Grand Roque island. Transfer to Posada Natura Viva. You will have a great choice of islands where you could stay : Madriski, Kraski , Caye or Pirata. Los Roques is one of the largest Caribian National Parks with snowwhite beaches and warm crystal waters rich in sea flora and fauna. Los Roques is considered to be one of the most important marine reservations in Venezuela. The Archipelago has an area of 2250 square km and consists of 350 small isles. It offers great possibilities like scuba diving. The underwater flora and fauna is amazing. You will see a great variety of birds like pelicans and many species of seagulls.
Meals included: lunchbox and dinner


Day 3: Los Roques Island
Enjoy beach vacations at Los Roques and nearby islands! Enjoy the warm sea water, the white sand and the beautiful beaches! All meals are included.
Optionally: an individual tour to further islands for fishing and snorkeling

Day 4 : The Delta of Orinoco River
After breakfast, you will have a transfer to the airport to take your flight to Caracas and fly to Maturin. You will be transferred to the pier from where you will go by motor boats along the Delta of the Orinoco River. Orinoco starts at the mountain of Delgado Chalbaud in the Parim region at the border with Brazil, flowing into the gulf Paria of the Atlantic Ocean. In lowlands the Orinoco splits into hundreds of distributaries forming the delta of 41.000 square km. Orinoco crosses the subequatorial zone, during dry season small streams of this river turn into a chain of small lakes. On the way you will be able to see floating islands, a great number of birds, monkeys and river dolphins. Arrival and accommodation in Delta Orinoco Lodge. After lunch you will have a walk along the delta of the river to watch the untouched flora of the jungle or go piranha fishing. In the evening if you want you can swim in the lagoon and admire the sunset. Return to the lodge. Dinner and the rest.
All meals are included.


Day 5: The Delta of Orinoco River
Breakfast. We will continue our excursions. We will go to the village of Indian tribe Warao and learn about the first representatives of this tribe who lived 12,000 years ago in this area. A short training about “How to survive in the jungl”. You will have a walk in wild jungles. Return to the lodge. Dinner and the rest.
*Optionally the local people will offer you night hunting for caymans.
All meals are included.

Day 6: Canaima National Park
Early breakfast. Transfer to the airport for your flight to Canaima National Park. Transfer and accommodation in Waku Lodge. After lunch you will go by "Kuriara", an Indian boat, to the beautiful lagoon of Canaima to admire the four waterfalls : Acha, Ukayma, Golondrina and Vadayma. Magnificent opportunities to take pictures! You will have a wonderful adventure: you will pass on the "other side" of the majestic waterfall El Sapo, between a rock and a powerful water curtain that forms the river Carrao. If you want, jump in the lagoon. Return to the hotel. Dinner.

Day 7: The Waterfalls Salto Angel (Full Day Tour)
Early in the morning you will go by Kuriara motor boats up to Carrao River to the Mayup lagoon and the Arautaym current. Arrival in camp that overlooks stunningly beautiful rocky bulk of the mountain Auyan Tepuy. Breakfast.
We will go to the Devil’s canyon . By reaching Ratonsito island, you will have a walk in a virgin forest to reach the observation deck at the very edge of the rock where the world’s highest falls will be infront you! Just enjoy this unique experience in front of the Angel Falls, before you return.
* Optionally. Swim in a lagoon at the foot of the Falls. Traditional Indian lunch. Rest. Return to lagoon Canaima. Dinner. Overnight in Lodge.
Meals are included
*Please note: Runs only during rainy season (May-Dec); might be available in other months, depending on weather conditions. We could change excurtion for overflight of Angel Falls in the small plain Cessna o canion Kavak with a overflight of Angel Falls.


Day 8: Margarita Island
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport to take a flight to Margarita Island. Transfer to Hesperia Playa del Agua Eden Club BB (meals included).

Day 9-13: Margarita Island
Enjoy beach vacation in an all-inclusive resort.

Day 14: Caracas
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. 


It is important to know:
On flights of Puerto Ordaz – Canaima – Puerto Ordaz, Caracas – Grand Roque - Caracas the baggage shouldn’t exceed 10 kg + 5 kg of hand luggage. * Small overweight can be paid at the airport or you can your leave baggage in Caracas in hotel or at our company, for additional payment for transfer.

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