Seating Solutions everywhere

For 50 years, besides our design, manufacturing and trading in all types of furniture, for homes and business, seating occupied at all times an important part of our activities to the extent that consisted with years the major and core activity. As seating is the essential part of a meeting, we dared announce Vent Nouveau is whenever people meet. Partnering with three worldwide famous brands from China, Italy and Spain for long years and still, pushed us to have preferred providers agreement with more providers from the whole world just to be able to propose the most convenient product for specific use. Helping better our friends and clients imposed on us the principle of unbiased supplier. Our sources for seating are unlimited.

Mobile Walls Solutions everywhere

As of 1997, a new trend for conference halls is born. The right dimensions for the right audience, next to other conference rooms, modular to enlarge or minimize capacity, audio visual presentation, louder speeches, special lighting for each venue. We followed the trend, and provided mobile walls known at that time by “Operable Walls” . From 45dB sound absorption as a start we reach now up to 58dB value. Our range expanded along the years and glass walls are now available. In 2020, Covid-19 added special partitions granting the required distancing. With this solution and many others, we keep at the avant-garde of technology.

Special Applications Projects

Total Solutions from concept to completion
Whenever People Meet for business or leisure

In Vent Nouveau, our interest is use and optimization of the space.
The cores of our business are seat and mobile walls.
In a space, indoor and outdoor are more disciplines such as Furniture, decoration, acoustic, Floor, Wall and Ceiling Covering, Audio visuals, Lighting, Stage Equipment up to turnkey projects.
Together, with your architects, engineers, operators, our specialists, providers and contractors complete the job.

Our commitments:

Excellence is our aim, our expertise is our added value, puzzle assembly is our difference.
Fundamental criteria’s turn on quality, innovation, safety and durability.
Our sources of supply consist of reliable suppliers, manufacturers, providers and specialists accumulated over 50 years.
Established brands are part of our business, but not limited to it.
We put the world at your fingertips

Our areas of expertise may vary and include:

Meeting Rooms, Conference Halls, Offices Administration Hospitals, Rail Stations, Airports, Hotels, Resorts, Water Parks, Stadiums ,Ships, Café, Restaurants, Schools, Universities, Malls, Showrooms, Homes, Residences, Banks, Clinics, Clubs, Recreation, Camping, Sports, Stage, Theatres, Cinemas, Caserns, Embassies, Gardens, Rural & Public Areas, Waiting Rooms.

Our Business approach:

Business starting 100K USD is our target. We act as main contractor, provider, subcontractor, Project Management or owner representative in a well-structured inquiry with clear parameters.

Our resources:

Besides a relatively permanent small basic administrative and technical structure, we rely on a network of skills and specialties whose services are used on assignment and task basis for years in previous projects. This grants high level quality performance.